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R.Crouse is a precision bolt action rifle builder based in north central Pennsylvania. We are a USMC veteran owned business. Our military experience has taught us the only equipment worth carrying is equipment that is rugged and reliable and does what it is supposed to do all the time. Every rifle is built as though it is headed for the battlefield. Rifles are purpose built using components of precision and durability that are without question. We believe in offering the finest rifles at the lowest cost possible to make owning a precision rifle more attainable for everyone. Every rifle is test fired to confirm accuracy and functionality before it is shipped so you can be assured your rifle will do what we say it will.

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.338 Lapua Mag Mortician With Surgeon 1581XL, McMillan A5 Adjustable, Bartlein 27″ 9.3 Twist Stainless MTU Barrel, Surgeon Bottom Metal, Jewell Trigger, Thunderbeast Suppressor Ready Brake

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Whatever you put our rifles through they’re made to take it.