Been in a bad place where your personal equipment is the most important thing next to your buddies? We’ve been in that place too. No one knows better than military personnel how important it is to have equipment that is rugged and performs like it is supposed to perform in any environment.  We build every rifle as though it’s headed to that bad place.

Discount for Military Snipers

R. Crouse is a USMC veteran owned business and wants to support the veterans both past and present who have filled the difficult role as a sniper for the US Military. We are currently offering U.S. active duty and prior service military snipers an opportunity to purchase any rifle at a $500.00 discount off of the list price.  For many of these veterans, precision shooting is a passion and a lifestyle and we are offering this program to help support this passion of precision shooting. Proof of military service as a sniper is required. DD-214, or other forms of military documentation are acceptable. For more information on this program email questions to