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R. Crouse LLC is a precision tactical rifle builder based in north central Pennsylvania. We are a USMC veteran owned business. Our military experience has taught us the only equipment worth carrying is equipment that is rugged and reliable and does what it is supposed to do all the time. Every rifle is built as though it is headed for the battlefield. Rifles are purpose built using components of precision and durability that are without question. We believe in building only the finest rifles with the highest standards in durability and accuracy. Every rifle is test fired to confirm accuracy and functionality before it is shipped so you can be assured your rifle will do what we say it will.

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R. Crouse News:

.50 BMG Venandi’s Coming Soon!

We are finishing the last .50 BMG in a McMillan TAC 50A1 fiberglass stock now . McMillan no longer manufactures a fiberglass stock for their outstanding TAC 50 action. The great news is we are doing a small run of .50 BMG Venandi’s in Cadex chassis’s. We have a few very hard to get McMillan TAC 50 repeater actions in stock and we are starting our first barreled action now. Now is the time to place your order and pick your chassis and barrel colors!


In-House Cerakote Services Now Available!

In addition to cerakoting our precision rifles we are happy to be providing cerakoting to customer supplied firearms and many other items. Take a look at our Cerakote page for more information.


Remington 700 Firing Pin Removal Tool Now Available!

We have begun manufacturing firing pin removal tools for the Remington 700 action and all its clones. This tool will work with all actions that have a 1/2″ x 13 TPI threaded bolt shroud. This tool is for sale in our store. It is listed under specialty tools.


We are now manufacturing rear entry action wrenches for the larger hard to find actions. We have action wrenches for:

  • Surgeon 1581XL & Stiller TAC 338
  • Stiller TAC 408/ TAC Driver
  • McMillan TAC 50


We are now manufacturing a feed lip adjustment tool for Accuracy International magazines. They are available in our store under “Specialty Tools”.

New Rifles Coming Soon!

.50 BMG

      • McMillan TAC 50 Action
      • Lilja Stainless Fluted Barrel
      • Cadex Chassis
      • TriggerTech Diamond Pro Curve Trigger
      • S7 Bipod

.375 CheyTac

      • Stiller TAC Driver Action
      • 34″ 1:8 Twist Bartlein Barrel
      • McMillan Super Mag Stock
      • TriggerTech Diamond Pro Curve Trigger
      • S7 Bipod

.338 Lapua Magnum

      • Stiller TAC 338 Action
      • Kreiger 27″ Barrel
      • McMillan A5 Adjustable Stock
      • TriggerTech Diamond Pro Curve Trigger

Battlefield Rugged

Not that you’re headed to the battlefield…but you could.